This means that your canine bestie will breathe more easily when gambolling. Encourage your dog to play even more fetch, even floating in water with this fetch ball. So, the key difference with Chuckit dog toys is that they get you involved in a game with your dog. This means, if you want to enjoy playing with your four legged best friend – or vice versa – then Chuckit has the tools you need.

It should make a difference in distance due to the momentum. Having used a tennis ball after which is exactly the same size, I wouldn’t say it makes a massive difference. This makes it a lot easier to see the ball in grass – BUT I still managed to loose it on the first outing. However, as I said, normal tennis balls fit just fine. I was slightly sceptical at first if I’m totally honest, with them being hollow but that really isn’t an issue at all as they must be super strong!

Neither have any signs of damage, and the really small one is excellent for fetch in the house because it’s so light. Sure it doesn’t always land where you expect but it’s so light it’s not going to knock anything over.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that these are bad dog tennis balls. Some put up a great fight and were only just edged out by our top picks.

The spherical construction makes this a fun toy because it rolls everywhere, encouraging your canine to chase and knock it around. One other main consideration is your pet’s preferences. That’s predicated on the concept that you understand what your pet really likes and never what you suppose” it wants.

Its hollow design lets you actually get inventive with regards to enjoying along with your canine. Now I still let both my canine play within the water but I do watch them and can get them out if I believe they’re drinking too much water while playing. Perk Valley Pet Eatery is proud to carry Chuck-it in Trappe, Pennsylvania.

How To Find Out Everything There’s To Know About Chuck It Dog Toy In 5 Basic Steps

What if tennis balls just aren’t big enough for your pooch? If you need something much bigger – the size of a soccer ball – then look at the Kick Fetch. There are very few dogs that are completely immune to squeaker toys. This dog ball launcher will make throwing the ball to a long distance easier for your back and arms. Moreover, it allows you to pick the ball without using your hands. It works perfectly with standard-sized tennis balls, as well as many Chuckit balls. These cuddly dog toys make for glorious security blankets to assist put your pet at ease and be calm and relaxed if ever it feels anxious about anything.

I’ll look into that Nylabone toy – I’m always on the lookout for toys that will last. I thought my dog was a tough chewer but luckily she can’t get her teeth into any of the Kong toys. I sympathize – it’s hard enough to get toys to last around here to begin with, I couldn’t imagine if my dog was able to destroy Kongs. we’ve had good luck with the harder chuckit balls, also. The best toy I have found — the only one she cannot kill — is the Best ball. They cannot pick it up if you get appropriate size. My dog will chew up Kong toys like they are peanut butter.

In our hunt to find the best, we tested and reviewed over 30 different dog tennis balls. Dog tennis balls have been specifically designed for dog use. They can be thrown farther, bounce higher, are easier to clean and hold up to sharp, pointy teeth. Now, you could argue that if you take away the green fuzz, then these are no longer tennis balls. But to keep things simple, I refer to these as dog tennis balls throughout the rest of the review.

Similar to the regular version, it saves the user from shoulder and arm pain without cutting playtime short. This slingshot-type ball thrower is ideal for sending a ball a good length without hurting your arm by repeated throws. The grip is comfortable to hold and the frame is built sturdily enough to withstand a lot of force.

Trust Cath Kidson to create a chic dog toy too – the 100 per cent cotton toy won’t be an eyesore around the house. The Rosewood Mr Twister mouse toy offers great value, fun and durability – the perfect recipe for a great playtime with your dog. Multi-textured with a squeaker inside, this one is great for banishing boredom.

Every time she tries to pick it up, her snout pushes it farther away. This made games of fetch really easy on my part, though! I only had to throw the ball once, and it took a good few minutes before she could retrieve it – usually by cornering the ball against a wall. While the West Paw Jive holds up to games of fetch, it isn’t appropriate as adedicated chew toy.

This blaster is compatible with regular-sized tennis balls, and you can adjust the launching distance based on your dog’s energy level or the amount of space you have. Pull the lever slightly for shorter distances and all the way back if you want it to really launch.

Gun-style ball launchers are a good investment as they can throw a ball long distances. They don’t require much effort except a pull of a trigger. Though some launchers let you scoop the ball off the ground, you may have to touch a ball covered with dirt and dog drool.

We got ourselves a Kong ball a few years back and I was surprised by how heavy it is. It’s not great for playing fetch inside the home due to it’s weight but it is indestructible. This is one tough ball; Laika has had it for years and you can’t even see a single bite mark on it. The large size is perfect for my 75 pound dog, though I did read a few reviews that said this ball is too small for their extra large dogs. If you suspect this might be too small for your dog check into the heavier Kong Ball. The West Paw Ball is available here from Amazon.


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